Use Q!


Q! And You

Q! is your personalized travel companion. We reject the notion of confusing or distracting recommendations that don’t know who you are. We banish time consuming link bait and long waiting lines to the museums. Q! is committed to making your visit to Amsterdam the most unique and qurious one! We do this by leveraging open data, your social networks and local experts that are eager to help.

Your Q!

Your life can feel overwhelming enough in preparation for your trip. Once you get to Amsterdam, we promise to keep things easy to use and well organized. Use Q! to discover unique places nearby, while you wait in that queue for the Rijks Museum. Keep all your Amsterdam questions you’ve asked in one place, add places to visit in your virtual Queue and your personalized city companion will guide you there!

Trust Q!

Q! believes in harnessing the positive power of local experts, social intelligence and open data. We understand what you need and help you extract more value from your trip. Abandon the stale information queue, embrace the new, recharge your local experience with Q!